Who we are?

We, Shwe Tatar Gold & Jewellery Group, offer a diverse range of gold and jewelry products and services through our branches, online store, and goldsmith, all currently located in Mandalay city. We serve both retail and wholesale sectors. 

In addition, we provide financing services through our subsidiary, Shwe Tatar Pawn Shop. 

Furthermore, we are launching B2B marketing initiatives.

Operating under the brand name 'Golden Bridge,' we are committed to fostering genuine connections by actively demon-strating and sharing care and love through our symbolic bridge. 

As a responsible business, we dedicate ourselves to providing intimate services accompanied by lifelong guarantees and fair pricing.

As a leading modern gold shop in Mandalay, we have gained strong recognition from the local community, especially the middle class, for our high-quality gold wearable products available at a minimum amount. 

Our main products are highly appealing to both the middle and working classes.

Our commitment is to serve with heartfelt dedication, extending care not only to our team but also to the communities we are a part of. 

We support our customers, both external (buyers) and internal (employees), in sustainable ways.

Vision of Shwe Tatar

  • “ We aspire to evolve into a sustainable business group that creates value for all stakeholders and empowers the communities we are in. ”

Missions of Shwe Tatar


  • Create reliable products and services with good intentions.
  • Stand with the people to strengthen the public's trust in us.
  • Aspire to enhance the skills, capacities, and future opportunities for our staff.
  • Strive to evolve as a business group built on a robust policy system and effective leadership.
  • Foster a strong workplace culture and organizational spirit within our team.